Incredible community response; what's next?

A project log for FindMyCat - The Open Source Pet Tracker

The only pet tracker you will ever need. Months long battery life, works outdoors and indoors. It’s Purr-fectly Empowered.

sahas-chitlangeSahas Chitlange 10/10/2023 at 03:560 Comments

It has only been a month since I released FindMyCat to the public and since, it has received tremendous support from the IOT enthusiast community. It has been featured in outlets like Hacker News,, Product Hunt and gained a lot of public interest to seeing it commercialize. This is incredible news, i'm deeply humbled and motivated to keep working on improving and taking it to the next level.  

What's next for FindMyCat?

In the short-to-mid term I'm working on a couple hardware design enhancements to make the device smaller and cheaper, manufacturing the HomeStation PCB (currently code runs on NRF7002DK) and getting the code for Indoor location engine ported to the Zephyr ecosystem (possible due to FindMyCat + Zephyr collaboration on UWB ranging). In mid-to-longer term, looking at the path to commercializing the tracker PCB as a kit or standalone product, bringing Android support and looking at more optimizations with LORA + LTE fusion.

Given all the interest, I think it warrants another major release, and I am excited to be working towards it :)


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