A proposal for a system to simplify the current information/notification framework
into a non-intrusive, contextual communication medium.

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Technology of all sorts has made our live easier in one form or another. Technology and
social living has been increasing simplified and accepted by society as a whole. However as
technology is intermingling with our physical lives, at times the joining of the digital
and physical can be intrusive, rude, distractive, and dangerous.

The problem at the core is that from this digital world we are presented with an onslaught
of data; some of this data is relevant to the moment whereas some is not. We get alerts on
this open stream of notifications we then: 1) Remove ourselves from a moment and look at a
device, disconnect ourselves from a social moment. 2) Outright ignore notifications, after
which we either forget to look again or miss a moment/importance. 3) Pause the notification
for a moment later on in time, allowing the present conversation to conclude or allow for a
moment to interject an ‘excuse me’.

Pearl will solve this.

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