Alternative Closed-Loop Drivers

A project log for CLN17: $15 BoM Closed-Loop Driver for NEMA17

A compact, silent, high-performance open-source closed-loop (servo) stepper motor driver that supports CAN-FD and USB-C with PowerDelivery

anton-khrustalevAnton Khrustalev 09/26/2023 at 12:390 Comments

CLN17 is not the only closed-loop motor driver. There are several alternatives available, which are also closed-loop drivers and designed with a similar architecture. These drivers comprise a microcontroller, an encoder, and a driver, all integrated onto a single printed circuit board placed at the rear side of the NEMA17 motor.

Quick overview of the alternatives

A comparative table of thiese drivers can be found here

Is there anything else?

There are several other similar products available, but they haven't been described due to the project's confidentiality or lack of information.