Driver Powering Options

A project log for CLN17: $15 BoM Closed-Loop Driver for NEMA17

A compact, silent, high-performance open-source closed-loop (servo) stepper motor driver that supports CAN-FD and USB-C with PowerDelivery

anton-khrustalevAnton Khrustalev 09/26/2023 at 13:440 Comments

The CLN17 operates within a 5-25V range, which is protected by a 26V surge protection TVS diode. While the TMC2209 driver recommends a 6-29V power range, operations with less than 500mA current can work at 5V.

There are 3 options available for powering the driver:

  1. USB Type-C Connector: Default 5V 3A, can support up to 20V 3A (5A peak) with Power Delivery.
  2. XH2.5 2Pin POWER Connector: Accepts a 5-25V power source, with a maximum 3A (2.5ARMS recommended).
  3. XH2.5 6Pin CONTROL connector with power lines: Accepts a 5-25V power source, with a maximum 3A (2.5ARMS recommended).

Operating near the lower limit of the supply voltage

The 5V supply voltage is sufficient for low-power operations with total coil currents lower than 500mA.
At least a 6V supply voltage is required for safe operation at the maximum permissible currents.