New Enhanced Hardware!

A project log for CLN17 V2: $12 BoM Closed-Loop Driver for NEMA17

A compact, silent, high-performance open-source closed-loop (servo) stepper motor driver with USB, CAN-FD and 48V support

anton-khrustalevAnton Khrustalev 01/28/2024 at 10:580 Comments

After some time and great interest in the project, I've decided to release a new version that boasts numerous improvements over V1.0.

Presenting a refined and enhanced CLN17, a fixed and improved version of CLN17!

This iteration is designed to encounter fewer issues and introduce a plethora of new functions. A standout feature is the daisy chain capability for the power supply, alongside expanded functionalities for the CNTRL connector. Now, a single connector with 4 signal pins supports:

There are a few limitations regarding interface overlap, but with the addition of CAN-FD and USB, I believe I've covered all bases! The hardware is fully operational and devoid of any identified or critical issues. It can be considered a complete and final version.

Moreover, this version features a single-sided design and includes numerous optimizations!
The source files are already available on GitHub!

Another version of the driver, designed for 48V 1.75A (with an absolute limit of 55V 2A), is currently in the testing phase. Also a version for high-current, large motors like Nema23/Nema34/Nema42 is in the design stage!

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Special thanks to JLCPCB for sponsoring the board manufacturing of this design!