Week 16: 4/19/2017 Part 2

A project log for 2017: A Year of Hacking

Daily log of the my projects, ideas, tips, failures, etc.

eric-moyerEric Moyer 04/20/2017 at 02:490 Comments

First, I need to thank Youtube user "You Can Fit It" for saving me a couple hundred dollars this week. My electric dryer stopped heating and after watching a video for my specific dryer on how to diagnose all the different components I was able to find the problem, order the $4 part (FYI shipping was $7) and 3 days later I had a working dryer. The high limit thermostat was bad and the video provide great step by step instructions on what to do. If you have a multimeter (and if you are like me you have more than one) there seems to be almost no reason why anyone should not be able to fix their own electric dryer if it breaks.

Okay, please don't forget to check out my new project which I have entered in the Hackaday prize.

I have already found a similar project that has netted me some great information. Please take a look at Squirco Smart Home System - Sensor Network. Steven has done an amazing job documenting his project and he gets into some areas I planned on not addressing in my project, specifically how to better determine human presence in a room.