Week 27: July 6, 2017

A project log for 2017: A Year of Hacking

Daily log of the my projects, ideas, tips, failures, etc.

eric-moyerEric Moyer 07/07/2017 at 05:080 Comments

Way to much radio silence since my last post but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. For anyone still reading my updates thank you.

In the middle of May I was able to get down to Maker Faire Bay Area. I decided to volunteer for Friday which allowed me to better appreciate all the behind the scenes work involved to make such a large event happen. I was also surprised at how many people volunteer year-after-year. It was both an enjoyable and rewarding experience which I hope to volunteer again in the future. Saturday was all me time (and a perk of volunteering was a free pass) and I was just overwhelmed by all the stuff to see. The weather was almost to good and I have become soft after to many cool PNW summers. By 4pm I was cooked well done and spent the rest of the day re-hydrating. Next year I will plan on going down but hopefully extending my trip to include Sunday and ideally return home Monday morning. I was able to catch up with a few folks I met at Superconfernce last year (side note: they need to set a date and get Superconference on the books) and meet new friends.

If I find the time I will create a post just for my trip to SF.

Next, as part of the National Week of Making (June 16-22), I hosted an event at work for folks interested in the maker movement. I put together a hands on demonstration on how to make Oogoo which is a DIY version of Sugru. It went surprisingly well and thanks to the abundance of information out on the web I was able to learn from all the mistakes others have made. I successfully used both GE I and GE II caulk with corn starch to make a Sugru like material that cured in an hour. (mix 1:1 by volume, add corn starch until you get a play dough like substance).

As for my electronics projects some additional items for my outlet project arrive and I hope to post more on that project page.