Week 37: September 17, 2017

A project log for 2017: A Year of Hacking

Daily log of the my projects, ideas, tips, failures, etc.

eric-moyerEric Moyer 09/26/2017 at 05:390 Comments

Another great Seattle Mini Maker Faire is in the books and I had an amazing time volunteering both Friday and Saturday.  The rain on Sunday seemed to kill the crowds a bit but it was still a great day.

The maker movement has been growing in Seattle specifically it was great to see a ton of elementary and middle school aged kids in attendance.  This year’s event continued a strong presence of exhibits specifically tailor for the young maker community.

A couple of my personal highlights from last week’s Seattle Mini Maker Faire….

It’s events like this that I wish there were more regular events and/or meet-ups in the Seattle area.  I go to almost any tech related event I can but most of them are very networking centric and not so much idea sharing.  I had some time to talk to Jen Fox and I think we both concluded that more local maker meet-ups need to happen.

Sorry for the lack of pictures I took a bunch of pics Sunday however they just came out horrible.