Week 38: September 24, 2017

A project log for 2017: A Year of Hacking

Daily log of the my projects, ideas, tips, failures, etc.

eric-moyerEric Moyer 09/26/2017 at 05:480 Comments

I received a wonderful shipment last weekend but with all my free time spent at Seattle Mini Maker Faire it took until mid-week until I could get around to getting my new laser engraver assembled and fully functional. 

A couple weeks ago Hackaday posted a short article about using a laser engraver to create PCBs and based on some further internet investigation I really saw little downside in making a $200 investment to see if it would work and worst case I had a laser engraver.

You can find the article and the YouTube video here:

Here is the unit I ended up buying, they regularly run sales and the YouTube videos that review these products also post coupon codes.  In summary wait till you can buy it under $200.


Even if I can’t get this to help make PCBs, I will easily find plenty of uses for this laser engraver.  The software is the biggest negative but it looks like that problem has already been solved: