• First experiements in hardware

    BastelBaus14 hours ago 0 comments

    Magnets arrived (rectangular), linear hall sensors (49E) as well and I found some springs. Some tests to get a feeling about sensitivity and distances. 

    Might work so I started to sketch a demonstrator enclosure. I am still not sure how to place the magnets and halls exactly. Either I measure 6 times the "angled" z distance to the top or 3 times the z displacement and 3 times the in plane displacment like the optical system by connexions space mouse.

    Not really sure, so I just stared with a first guess and printed the parts to get some more experience.

    I had 20mm long springs with inner diameter of 5mm. The soft ones had a wire diameter of 0.4mm and harder ones of 0.8mm. I just sticked the springs to the poles without glueing

    First impressions:

    • Magnet fixture needs more distance towards springs and are to thin (break). A mechanical fixture of the hall sensors will be helpfull
    • Soft springs seamed too soft, hard ones somehow OK. 
    • For the hard springs, I think it will be hard to lift the top w/o lifting the base plate. Difficult to test without a heavy base and fixed springs. Maybe preloded?
    • Stoppers needed, but I will do them later, initial test work well without

  • Prolog

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    I use different 3D tools for my hobby and always struggle to switch between the different keys to push to move around the objects around. I though of using a 6D knob would be very handy and tested the well known professional version at a friend of mine. Really col but 200€ is far to much and so I thought I can build one of my own. I started to search arround the internet and found that there are several enthusiast as me who started the same endeavour:


    Components are ordered and I will try to take you with me on this journey!