First (somehow) working sample

A project log for Simple 6D Space Mouse

Full 6D mouse by three 3D magnetic sensors and magnets. 3D printed housing, ESP32S with battery operation over BLE as well as USB-C.

bastelbausBastelBaus 09/22/2023 at 21:370 Comments

Next I draw a mounting of the magents to put over a base plate:

I used the first PCB which was geed enough usable as spring mount and glued the magets on the 3D prined holder:

Then I put some time in a new design in KiCad with only one via and a direct connection possibility of the ESP32S. This time it was successfull when I also used a hightmap with my CNC :-):

Soldering the Hall sensors (49E) to the board and some flying cables to the ESP32S.

(What you also see connected is a 6D IMU over I2S I thought of using and an I2C 3D Magnetic sensor which I tested in parallel as alternative concept. and of course the antenna).

So it seamed that all channels are working (somehow) when I tested with a single magnet (the straight lines have been IMU and the 3D magnetic sensor for away):

Next comes the "marriage" by soldering the bottom with the Hall sensors to the top with the magnets:

It seamed that I lost 3 channels on the way, since only 3 show bigger variations when moving the top. However, tough and feel was not to bad and I think I might stay with the stiffer springs. I already ordered a steel base, let's see how this feels with a bigger weight:

Debugging comes the next days ....