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A project log for Fun with wifi repeaters

WiFi repeaters are getting super cheap now ($5!) and can contain quite open hardware. Try to make the most out of the QCA953X based ones.

biemsterbiemster 09/17/2023 at 17:200 Comments

There are several vendors that sell this type of repeater for very low prices. Here is a list of links where I bought mine, and confirm that they contain the QCA9533 (but that is not a guarantee that yours will!) (I've been ordering the EU-whiite variant)

UPDATE: I receiver a total of 7 from above shop now, 6 with QCA9533 and one with QCA9531. The latter is the same as the 33, except it has additional USB and PCIe! Let's see if I can get that broken out, that would open up a whole lot of opportunities, especially the USB.

This is still the cheapest I can find (less than 5 euros including shipping), and seems reliable qua hardware.

I received one from now as well, also QCA9533.

This will be my last order for a while, with 8 on my bench I'm already having a hard time putting them all to use.