IR receiver and transmitter

A project log for Fun with wifi repeaters

WiFi repeaters are getting super cheap now ($5!) and can contain quite open hardware. Try to make the most out of the QCA953X based ones.

biemsterbiemster 09/29/2023 at 20:200 Comments

After getting the ESPNOW - MQTT bridge working, next thing I thought of is adding IR send and receive support to it. This will require a bit of extra hardware, but should be limited to just an IR LED and photoresistor. Initial plan is to attach them to the LED gpios that are already on the QCA9533 board, but let's see how this goes. And it will be added to the aforementioned bridge of course, to make a ESPNOW - MQTT - IR bridge (hub?).

This log is a placeholder for now, until I find these parts in my parts bin.