Streamlined the plumbing pipeline

A project log for Primary Buffer Panel v2

A glorified DIY joystick controller with an LCD (‘MFD’) and plenty of RGB.

beko-pharmBeko Pharm 03/11/2024 at 10:440 Comments

I did some pew pew  Nothing new under the sun but this time I recorded as first person. Or as first person as it gets. Strapped the cam to my headphones (so much weight!) and killed some pirates. Managed to edit this into a half decent demo of the home cockpit in the end (I had none of v2 for ED so far):

I also streamlined the plumbing pipelines in Node-RED. Basically any game specific code is moved to a separated telemetry flow until the respective data can be used in the unified plumbing flow to dump everything into proper channels:

This makes things a lot more clearly arranged. I also hope to switch this to a MQTT broker eventually but no hurry on that. This way I don't have to load a specific flow for a game I'm currently playing. Just starting the Node-RED process and fire up the game I want to play. The corresponding data source will start sending telemetry once it detects a running game 🤓