1st update

A project log for 3-Wire Bus

This kind of bus is made up of one programmable Master - ATmega8 and 3 ( max. possible 255 ) Slaves - ATtiny13 parallel connected to master.

martin.klingacmartin.klingac 04/24/2017 at 08:500 Comments

I've updated the hex files in order to ensure more reliability during the resolving process. (..and it still fulfills the 1 kB limitation :-) )

Important assumes :

- Master : 8Mhz

- Slaves : 4,8 Mhz

- Drop the supply voltage to 3,3 V for a better performance.

Next steps :

- Master upgrade from 8 Mhz to 16 Mhz ( the XTAL pins – currently used as 7seg display drivers – should be used for an external 16 Mhz crystal )

- Split the power supply – I would like to use more slaves and the power supply by a single pin wouldn’t be ok for the master

- New functions – timer, switching more actuators,…