Quantity   Component name
1 × AISI 316 Welding wire +/- 1.5mm or other stainless wire of a similar thickness This is to connect the inboard limit switch (max extension limiter) to the carriage. You bend this to the specified shape (in the drawings)
1 × 3D printed swich base unit This can be printed by a service or on any well tuned printer in a more heat resistant filament than PLA!
1 × Microswitch (small model) with lever 125V 5A min rating. Or simply cut off the wheel from the other type.
1 × Microswitch (small model) with medium long lever and wheel (shorter lever will probably work )
2 × Schottky Diodes 30V 6A or higher rated. Type 80SQ05 pictured The diodes I used are quite large and essentially overkill. These can get too clunky so be careful yours are not too bulky! Its also possible to substitute regular diodes, its unlikely that you would notice any difference in practice.
1 × Insulated stranded wire 0.75mm2 min.
1 × 3.2mm cable shoes (M+F) These connect to the motor and the circuit board's original connectors. Its also possible to solder to the existing wires directly. In that case you may omit these.
4 × m2.5x14 pan head screws
4 × Either 4x hot melt m2.5 inserts or 4x m2.5 hex nuts The design fits hot melt screw inserts or nuts. Whatever you prefer is good.
1 × Spring from a cheap ball point pen Should be 25mm approx. (1")
1 × Needle nose pliers and regular pliers for bending and cutting the wire.
1 × Soldering iron, solder etc.
1 × ST1000 or ST2000 (I have not tested the ST2000 yet)