The 7-Segment Displays Arrive

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Hex character module made from 3mm USSR 7-segment displays

robertRobert 09/23/2023 at 14:590 Comments

From the photos and datasheet I knew exactly how big these parts were, but there is something different about holding them in your hand. These things are small, very small. I don't know how I'm going to breadboard the circuit with something so small. I don't want to solder the pins yet so I'm currently coming up with a solution. For now, I'll post photos and specs of the LEDs.

I'll be conservative the first time I light up these LEDs. Both sources of information agree on 3v, which sounds about right for a green LED. But they disagree on maximum current per segment, one says 7mA, the other says 11mA. 

Here is the partial datasheet provided by the seller:

And here are the specifications listed in the description:

Important part in the AL304V datasheet, auto-translated from Russian: