PixelTime - a MicroPython-Powered watch

a low power led watch based on ESP32-C3 & MicroPython

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I liked some of the electronic watches of my early years and wanted to DIY one myself

No need for complicated functions, make a pure timing tool

Ultra-long standby, 5S no operation automatically enters standby mode

Use WiFi to automatically calibrate the time, which is convenient for updating the time, esp32-c3

Support MicroPython programming to facilitate code updates

The thickness is only 8.3mm, and the 302530 lithium battery is used 200mAh

4P magnetic charging, 20mm strap

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Discussions wrote 09/25/2023 at 09:23 point

1. please add mechanical switch off for wifi (more power)

2. please add bigest screen for example 2" and 128x64 minimum

3. Please add more keys, meybe 8-16

How long this device work? You are check this in real situation? A month or more?

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