This is my first submission to Hackaday, a Magic LED Mirror Clock, what is that you may ask? The idea is adding an extra functionality to your household mirror.

The implementation is pretty simple, there is a fine scratch on the back of the mirror, where the reflecting surface is eliminated. In this scratch the light of the led can shine through. (Regarding my friend from the Hungarian Robot Builders Association was kind enough to let me use his lasercutter, mine was not scratched, but cut with a laser, apart from that the principle is the same.) The simplicity lies in that the leds are "Intelligent control RGB LEDs", which means we can chain them together and use SW to address them.

I am currently using an ATMega328 based Arduino board as a control unit, just search for "NeoPixel" and you will find some libraries or use the WS2812 documentation to figure out the protocol. (there are some other variants of -Intelligent- RGB LEDs as well) The current version of the clock measures time with a 5 minutes accuracy, because there are 12 LEDs, one color is the hours, and the other is the minutes.

Feel free to suggest or add any cool effect or functionality!