Direct embossing with a 3D printer

Emboss paper with a stylus attached to a 3D printer hot end

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This is more an idea than project but not one I've seen online so here it is. I wanted a sheet of 1/50th scale brick paper for scale modeling but the model shop that has some is further than I feel like traveling and I dont want to wait for an online delivery, so I spent two days hacking a pen onto my printer. Brick papaer or wall card is just a card printed with a photo of a wall and the bricks are embossed.

The basic idea is to put something soft on the print bed and attach a pen to the hot end. then you use the printer as a plotter, the soft backing means that the pen leaves a deep mark in the paper.

I found with index cards I could get 2mm embossing by stepping down 0.5mm between layers.

first I tried to emboss individual bricks but that took forever so in stead i choose to deboss the morter between the bricks.

I wrote a quick python script (with excerpts from bobcncr's to easily generate brick patterns and interface with printer.

basic script for interfacing with a marlin printer

py - 3.07 kB - 10/01/2023 at 09:32


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