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A project log for 3D Printable Micro Peristaltic Pump

A peristaltic pump you can 3D print! In a tiny 1.5" Package!

Crypto [Neo]Crypto [Neo] 01/08/2017 at 22:070 Comments

So the print came out really really well, nice tight meshing and the gears want to stay in!

I'm now printing the same thing again because I had forgotten to add a hole to attach my power drill to the drive gear. This will let me properly test the pumping capabilities before moving onward. I'm about to head out and get some Tygon tubing that I can use to properly test. The PVC lengths I have are only 12" and I can't really reach liquids with it and easily run the pump. So close now! It's almost finished!

One thing we're probably going to do is as well is add a small hole in the planetary gears for some 2mm steel rods, one thing we can see happening is the gears breaking after prolonged use along the layer lines, the rods will help to distribute the force along the entire length of the gear. Time for some eye candy!

Dat meshing yo...we just love this image and it really shows the work we put into making these very printable. The angles along the herringbone gears are less than 44 degrees so overhangs won't be an issue. When it reaches the center roller we chamfered up from the gaps so that there will be minimal bridging, as well as at the top where we chamfer the transition back to the top herringbone gear. This results in an print that requires NO supports, a requirement because our goal was to make this something anybody could print with minimal tweaking.