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macOS tablet hmm…

sergei-silnovSergei Silnov 11/29/2023 at 16:000 Comments

Initially, I bought this display. It works fine with Windows, but not the mac.  The HDMI-MIPI adapter only supports RGB colors, while macOS defaults to YCbCr colors. 

There are 2 ways to force RGB colors on macOS

  1.  Overriding defaults for a given display ID
  2. Patching current screen configs

But first way, the settings will be broken once you adjust the screen layout. The second way, adjustments won't persist unless you do the magic every time. While it's ok for a desktop, for the main screen it's quite annoying. 

Yet another problem, the backlight stays on while the display is in sleep. I didn't find another HDMI-MIPI converter, so decided to save this display for another project and ordered another one. Still waiting for it to be delivered.