The complete project foresaw to use an Arduino Mega to collect data during the flight of a model airplane storing them on a micro SD card, this to have in case of crash or simply for curiosity all the plane parameters like electrical data, engine data, flight attitude data, possible fault errors codes etc. available.

I've already implemented a SW able to store all these data into an SD card as a .txt file and also all the necessary circuit, testing them individually with pretty good results;

The only SW section that I've partially tested was the one relative to the GPS track drawer due to the lack of "airplane data", I could rely on only GPS coordinates coming from a car trip, so without an appreciable speed and altitude variation.

So I exploit a simple test that was carried out in my company using a small general aviation plane, to obtain some real GPS data coming from a GNSS sensor installed on board;

Once give the data to the MatLab script, the result was even better than I was expecting confirming me that all the single sections of my project are working, now I have to put all together to create the final product!

The script was edit using some of the instruction of the "Mapping toolbox" and will became a MatLab application able to provide a complete tool to analyze the recorded flight data.