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A project log for CYOCrawler: Open-source quadrupedal robot

Open-source legged robot with built-in sensors, peripherals and coding interface for beginner to advanced robotic adventures

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Our Kickstarter campaign is finally launched! Throughout the campaign there will be a 40% discount applied to pledges. Check it out here:

CYOBot: Learn Robotics Through 1,000 Projects In 1 Kit

CYOCrawler is a learning platform for learners at any level:

Being an open-source platform, CYOCrawler is designed to support your endless creativity and exploration freedom, as it equipped with peripherals for a wide spectrum of robotic applications from 30+ in-demand engineering skills and domains:

At its core is CYOBrain, a powerful ESP32-driven microcontroller supporting MicroPython and C/C++, with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. 

What's included in a CYOBrain (Recommended for Advanced learners):

What's included in a CYOCrawler (Recommended for Beginners):

Challenge you to build 1,000 projects

Every week we release challenges on our GitHub & Reddit channel for our community to keep building and learning from each other. Participating in our challenges for a chance to earn a contribution on our official Github repo. We hope to see you there.

Level 1-200: Learn basic Python coding and apply simple algorithm leveraging built-in libraries to write applications such as making the robot walk, dance, play music, and more

Level 200-500 (Available for subscribers): Explore multiple peripherals (sensors, LEDs, motors) to create applications in basic networking, basic cloud computing, IOs

Level 200 (Clock/timer): Write a program that turns CYOCrawler into a Pomodoro timer using buttons to set/start/stop the time, LED matrix to display minutes, LED ring to display seconds (as progression within a minute), speaker to play time's up tune while controlling motors for CYOCrawler to wave/dance when time's up

Level 220 (Distance sensor): Write a program to sense distance to obstacle and change LED color on CYOCrawler using an ultrasonic sensor connected via an extension block and built-in library for ultrasonic sensor.

Level 250 (Flappy Bird): Write a program that runs a Flappy Bird-like game on CYOCrawler using buttons for jumping, LED matrix to display game and speaker to play sound effects.

Level 500-800 (Available for subscribers): Feature complex algorithms, real-time embedded with C/C++ programming to write applications in control system, kinematics, computer vision, sensor mesh, beginner AI/ML

Level 800-1,000 (Available for subscribers): Complete design project with extended peripherals to do interactive standalone applications leveraging all capabilities of the robot

For beginner learners that need support to get started easier, we have:

Extensive learning library with robust challenges and instructions to support your exploration

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications of CYOCrawler

Open-source certificate: