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A project log for M1: A Multi-tool for Pentesting & Hackers

The age of hacker multi-tools has arrived.

monstatekMonstatek 02/16/2024 at 11:163 Comments

Screen test video that was requested by one of our backers. Beta prototype of the M1.


Andrew wrote 04/18/2024 at 14:35 point

Why did you post this schematic that is nearly a year old. Is that how old that video is too? It looks like this was back when you were still using the MC with Bluetooth and Wifi builtin. Why would you send people here from Kickstarter if it is even less updated than Kickstarter?

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Vexicle wrote 02/16/2024 at 22:06 point

I'm not saying this is dodgy, but the date on the bottom right is 2023

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Monstatek wrote 03/26/2024 at 05:38 point

Yes, that is correct. These are our schematics from 2023.

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