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Magic 8 Ball + User Guide

nelithzederdelleNelithzederdelle 11/30/2023 at 10:350 Comments

How to incorporate the rechargeable battery:

Theoretical approach:

HomeMade DIY HowTo Make: Technique to identify USB female port connector positive and negative polarity (


Wire the rechargeable battery to test if the LEDs shine bright.

------------------------- see the Battery Test video in the files -------------------------

Practical application

Cables needed (half : cable + port) :

- 3 USB Male

- 1 USB female

- 1 micro USB

Other components :

- Cardboard

- LED strip lights

- sliding switch (explained in the previous log)

- support (here is hard dry sponge but can be cork or anything)

- pins support, to hold the switch in place


We removed the spring from the sliding switch because it was too strong.

So we used some elastic string instead.