Update Demo: Pi Pico I/O Support chip

A project log for JJ65C02

Working on my own version of a 65C02-based SBC. Everything is open source and permissively licensed.

jim-jagielskiJim Jagielski 11/20/2023 at 16:160 Comments

Lots of work done over the last week or so on the I/O support chip for the JJ65C02 project. As a reminder, this Pi Pico is used for PS/2 keyboard input handling as well as VGA output and terminal emulation.

Most of the work was on the ANSI/VT100 emulation side, adding in a blinking cursor, support for a large subset of Escape Sequences and more robust and reliable performance. I've also added in some extensions to the official Escape Sequences which allow me to draw graphics while in "terminal mode". These will be added to my port of EhBasic.

All code and resources are available under permissive Open Source licenses on GitHub.