Pi Pico integrated with miniOS

A project log for JJ65C02

Working on my own version of a 65C02-based SBC. Everything is open source and permissively licensed.

jim-jagielskiJim Jagielski 12/09/2023 at 19:120 Comments

The PCB for my JJ65C02 SBC is fully populated and work was done on integrating my miniOS with the Pi Pico I/O support chip. It now fully uses the PS/2 keyboard and VGA output as the system "console". I updated the miniOS to drop the old memory hexdump feature in preference to a port of WOZMON. WOZMON itself was updated to fully support the ca65 toolset, auto-conversion of lowercase input to uppercase, and an easy Quit command to return to the miniOS main menu.

The system itself is running at 4MHz and is rock solid.

On my TODO is further improvements to the miniOS and EhBASIC interpreter (ie, adding native graphics) and some initial testing on sound output. I'll also be pushing the speed a bit more and see if I can get to 6MHz.