ESP32 Internet Radio

Yet another ESP Internet radio design. This one uses an apple ipod 7th gen nano box as a see-through plastic case.

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This build is based on the design at: The source code was slightly modified to use a 128x128 1.44" LCD. And I also added another control pushbutton so that the radio can control VOL+, VOL-, CH+, and CH-. Please don't judge my PCB layout skills. It wasn't really optimized for the best placement and layout - I just wanted a PCB to tie together the various pieces for the radio. The unit runs on a 3.7V flat lipo battery and will provide maybe 2 to 3 hours before it starts getting to be unlistenable. A voltage booster would have probably been a good idea. The top of the unit has 2 latching red pushbuttons. One button controls the power for the entire device, the other one removes the voltage supply to the LCD so that it won't be so bright while I listen to it at night. But even so, the blue led on the Wemos D1 mini is still pretty bright :)

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maisontaylor2312 wrote 11/21/2023 at 11:04 point

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