Make a device with the capabilities to transmit mag-stripe information implementing audio waves through a bluetooth or wifi speaker board

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One thing is to transmit mag-stripe info with a spoofer in a few inches of distance, but how to transmit mag-stripe info remotely. I made an integration of the code to generate a wav file to implement it over bluetooth or wifi, but the speaker by itself is not enough powerful to transmit the correct info. It is necessary to alter the bluetooth speaker to add it a special coil. See the pictures. Take a look at the code and my blog to learn more about this project.

Proof of concept:

I used these projects as reference to have a better code and make the integration:

To have a better range, you should use a better/big coil. I had tested a coil that transmit in a range of 4 inches without problem.

I will use the same bluetooth board in different boxes or cases, to see how strong are the waves in different environments and scenarios.

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    Step 1

    The main idea is to take off the speaker, but leave the cables to use them for the coil.

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    Step 2

    Make a coil with at least 50 turns of wire in a space of 1 1/2 inches of more.

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    Step 3

    Adapt the coil sides to the speakers cables, not matter if it is ground or power side.

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Zion Tavera wrote 08/08/2019 at 07:27 point

Hello sir, I was just wondering if you could display 2 magstripe info at once using Bluespoof? If so, what approach to I make to the program? Ive read your blog about Bluespoof and I tried to remake the project. I also tried to modify the MalfunctionMag code and the commands in ViolentMag in order to display 2 magstripe data (track 1 and track 2) at once but it still doesn't work. I was hoping that you could help me for this is my first task as an intern and it has been 2 weeks and I still could not make it work.

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