28th november

A project log for Rock Em Sock Em Robot

Final Project

louisemailliulouise.mailliu 11/28/2023 at 15:320 Comments

Today's avancements : 

- Editing of the description of our project

- Modeling of the ring completed : to test our model, we are printing the side and a screw to ensure that it's holding, we can't print the whole model yet seeing as we are not sure about all the dimensions yet.

- We decided to add legs to the robots, so that we can screw them directly

- For the 'remotes' in the players hands, we are thinking about making it as a ring or a bracelet. Still unsure.

- The design of the robot is still unsure to this day, we dont know what size or shape would be best. We want to wait for the composants to arrive, and adjust then the shape