Ambient light control based on colour of computer screen

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We all know Philips Ambilight, so why not make one?

If you have laying around DMX enabled RGB light and some DMX controller with FTDI inside, you can now.
  • 1 × DMXPipe or similiar with FTDI inside
  • 1 × Computer with Linux and build toolchain
  • 1 × SOUNDSATION PAR64B-ENTRY Or any other RGB DMX light. You will just need to tinker sources little bit.

  • Added history averaging

    Vojtech Vladyka01/09/2017 at 15:28 0 comments

    Well, it works nice, but there were small issue with function.

    My girlfriend doesn't like flickering it made when there were some fast colour change on screen. So I turned it off after twenty minutes of movie.

    Solution I made is quite simple. Just get rid of flickering using simple averaging from previous colours, so colour and brightness doesn't change that fast.

    Check out latest sources on GitHub.


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  • 1
    Step 1

    Get source code from GitHub

  • 2
    Step 2

    Setup hardware


    If your hardware differs, you need to modify sources. There is plenty of comments, so don't worry. Just be sure you are using DMX controller with FTDI inside. If not, this project is not going to work for you.

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    Step 3

    Modify sources if needed.

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