GGreg20_ES - Souvenir Geiger Counter

Production of cool Geiger counter souvenirs while removing faulty GM-tubes from the market. Donating half of the project's profits to AFU

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You are reading the description of an unusual art product: on the one hand, it is embedded DIY electronics, on the other hand, it is a product that is non-functional by design. If you decide to order such a souvenir, you will participate in two charitable initiatives with the IoT-devices team.

To manufacture these souvenirs, we deliberately purchase non-functional Geiger tubes on the Ukrainian market that could be sold on the global DIY market as part of commercial products. As participants in the DIY market, we see how the same broken or exhausted tubes are resold several times from hand to hand, because no one wants to lose potential profit. We recently posted a video on our YouTube channel showing how the faulty SBM-20 tube works. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of such tubes on the market. That's why we started making souvenirs out of them.

Also, rejected boards of the popular GGreg20 module of various versions and from various stages of production are used in our GGreg20 Epoxy Souvenir project.

As a result, we get a transparent block of epoxy resin, which contains a forever preserved GGreg20 module with a Geiger tube inside.

The epoxy resin casting guarantees that this time the Geiger tube will not return to the gray market of DIY radio components.

- So, by purchasing a souvenir, you help to clean up the market from unscrupulous commercial offers and participate in the initiative to improve the quality of amateur solutions on a global scale. After all, the tubes from the Soviet reserves, which are discussed in this project, are distributed to Western countries and end up in the devices of thousands of radio amateurs.

- What is the second initiative? We decided to donate half of the profits generated under this project to charity and support defense projects in Ukraine. We believe that in the context of the aggressive and unprovoked war that is now being waged against Ukraine, any charitable initiative is important and timely.

So, by ordering this souvenir as a keepsake, you are also donating to Ukraine.

Attention! This product is not a working Geiger counter, but only a souvenir. If you were looking for GGreg20_V3, such a module can be ordered at the link. Also see the GitHub repository dedicated to GGreg20_V3 DIY Geiger counter.

Dimensions and weight

X: 150 mm

Y: 50 mm

Z: 25 mm

W: approximately 145 grams

Resin: transparent, non-toxic, EpoxyTable 5-five by RESIN PRO (Italy) with powerful UV filters in both components

- Resin datasheet: RESIN PRO (Italy) link

- Component A datasheet: RESIN PRO (Italy) link

- Component A datasheet: RESIN PRO (Italy) link

- Certificate of non-toxicity: RESIN PRO (Italy) link

Package contents

GGreg20_ES souvenir Geiger counter - 1 pc.

The version of the GGreg20 module, tube type, linear dimensions, and appearance of the module may slightly differ from the data and photos in the description of each ordered souvenir product, as the epoxy resin is filled manually and the main goal of the project is to remove defective Geiger tubes from the market. 

What we can guarantee is that you will receive a product with a GGreg20 module and Geiger tube, which are filled with transparent, high-quality and non-toxic resin. 

How to order

The product is supplied from Kyiv to all countries of the world, except for countries under international sanctions or accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity. 

Half of the profits from the sale of this product are allocated to defense projects and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

You can order the product on our website or on Tindie:

- Website:

- Tindie:

Please note that IoT-devices, LLC does not do business with Russian citizens anywhere in the world.

Instructions for use

No cabling - No soldering - No drivers - No coding

In our opinion, there are many possibilities for the use of this souvenir product:

- Place on a table

- Hang on the wall

- Embedded into a surface

- Demonstrate to colleagues, friends, children

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aaaaaa wrote 11/08/2023 at 14:51 point

it works wit radioactive @ home? 

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IoT-devices, LLC wrote 11/09/2023 at 22:54 point

Hi there! Thanks for the message. It definitly works only as a souvenir. To work with real ionizing radiation you can see at #GGreg20_V3 Ionizing Radiation Detector 

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