Other CAN-bus Aviation Protocols

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reneRene 04/22/2017 at 12:291 Comment

This section tracks and compares various aviation-specific CAN-bus protocols. Being open source, support for these protocol can always be added at a later stage if required.

See also: Comparison by J Klüser, Comparison by A Brehmer.

MakerPlane CAN-FIX

Flight Information eXchange Protocol over CAN. Useful document for reference: min / max ranges of parameters etc. I find it too restrictive in some aspects, whereas other aspects have not been addressed at all.


Very promising; used by Airbus and Boeing. Unfortunately the standard is behind a paywall. There is insufficient open information for implementation...


Used for space applications (ESA programs)


Standardized by the US National Air and Space Administration (NASA) as "AGATE Airplane Avionics Data Bus". Used in several aircraft; primary use in engineering simulators


john.nicol wrote 08/23/2017 at 06:32 point

Please make submissions on the CAN-FiX protocol on the Makerplane website if  you need something added or changed.  It is an Open Source protocol that can and should be changed by the experimental aircraft community as required.  It is only restrictive if you think it can't be adapted or changed....  What specifically do you find restrictive and what bits have not been addressed?  Lets add them in!

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