A little late to start logging

A project log for Deauther Smart Watch V1

A Smart Deauther watch.

discombobulated8080Discombobulated8080 10/22/2023 at 12:290 Comments


I have been working on this project for a few days now and had this idea for months. So basically over 12 hours of stuff that should have been logged was lost, here is the simplified version: 

  1. I tried copying the pin-outs on (Tuesday I think) the deauther documentation, but they were for a NodeMCU. Now never having made a schematic before I tried to switch, after trying to figure out a battery to the a NodeMCU after the whole thing with the button footprints and finding that my footprint libraries didn't match.
  2. I created a new KiCAD project and tried to find a footprint and schematic for a NodeMCU I found one, but, I didn't check it before, It was a esp32 version. I created an entire schematic and single-sided PCB, revamped them, only to find that they were all useless. This was probably four hours of work.
  3. Momentary back to the Wemos, like, for 30 minutes. 
  4. I tried the Adafruit Huzzah because of the integrated LiPoly battery connector but gave up after trying to translate the pins.
  5. Read Spacehun's Hackheld docs and went back to the Wemos by looking at how he/she (I'm not sure) connected the components drew a (I hope) functioning schematic and then a PCB, and, great news it costs $2 (£1.64 or €1.89) for 5 double-sided two layer boards (I will make a graphic showing what I mean by double-sided)
  6. I put a Open Source Hardware logo on the PCB and made this (repository? I'm sure what to call this page) log as well as created an account (Finally, after 7 months of listening to the podcast and reading Hackaday).