Update 10/22/23

A project log for Deauther Smart Watch V1

A Smart Deauther watch.

discombobulated8080Discombobulated8080 10/22/2023 at 20:120 Comments

So far at 3:50 PM I have:

  •  1. Revamped the PCB, fixed the resistor vias and added vias for the Wemos battery shield (More on that later).
  • 2. Figured out how to make this fully portable (well, kind of, I have been planning on using the Shield since I thought about using the D1 board) The Wemos Battery shield will be connected to the to the main board using wires soldered to the vias in the bottom left of the board from the bottom. It will probably be shoved in the bottom of the case (More on that in 3) The resistor will be connected in a similar manner.

    3. Thought/solved power delivery situation, as I said, I will be using the Wemos battery shield (From now on we're calling that "wbs") to make it portable, but that brings us to the next easily solvable problem. I'm actually not being sarcastic, maybe, I think I can power through the Type-C on the main Wemos board.

    Bye for now.