Soldering begins...

A project log for Deauther Smart Watch V1

A Smart Deauther watch.

discombobulated8080Discombobulated8080 11/15/2023 at 20:320 Comments

Well... I've started soldering the boards. Yesterday, I soldered the pins on the WEMOS board upside down, so now I have to put it on the wrong side. The battery board is also malfunctioning a little, or at least the pins are. You see, I put two vias on the PCB, one goes to ground, and the other is 5V. For some reason, the solder doesn't want to stick to the pins on my board. I think my 20-watt soldering iron may have something to do with it.

As I am writing this while waiting for my soldering iron to heat up, and as it is now done, I will end this log here.