Progress 28.11.2023

A project log for Puppet War - Alternative Controllers

Using an alternative controller, become a master puppeteer and play the game gang beasts against your friends

luispoujolluis.poujol 11/28/2023 at 14:470 Comments

Didn't receive components ordered so worked on AutoCAD on creating the box that will host our controllers. We also mapped the different inputs that we wanted to include with a sketch on how we were going to use the sensors to play. We plan on having the player wear gloves with all the strings attached to them. 

Move up 

arrow up 

Move down 

arrow down 


arrow right 


arrow left 










Right Punch 


Left Punch 

Gang beasts Controls Breakdown 

So as shown in the table these are the controls we use in our alternative controller. But we are going avoid the kick input since it is a lot for our alternative controller, and it is not that important gameplay wise also. 

On the right hand, we have the movement inputs. Move up, down, left, right will be connected to the pressure sensors attached to strings that will be connected to the glove. Move up will be attached to your palm, move right to your thumb, move left to your little finger and move down to your middle finger.

Jump will be activated when all four pressure sensors are pressed. Which means your hand will have to be held higher so that all sensors are activated.

On the left hand, we have the action inputs. Right punch and left punch will be connected with buttons glued to the glove that can be pressed with your thumb. Lift will be connected to an infrared sensor that will detect when your hand is raised. 

Both the action inputs and movement inputs will be put inside boxes like the ones you see below, decorated to look like you are a true puppeteer.