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A project log for NOMANO

We would llike to create an alternative controler for a game sush as SUBWAY SURFER. Follow us for more <3

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So, on the first week, we pooled all our ideas together, searching for interesting games that we could play and that would be fun. We spent a good amount of time looking for the ideal game that suited us. After discussing it, we decided to go with the game "Subway Surfer." We delved deeper into researching the game mechanics, exploring various strategies, and studying gameplay videos to understand its dynamics better. 

The second week, we pooled ideas for movements in our game. For instance:

Then, during the third week, we searched for the necessary components to create the game "Subway Surfer" as we envisioned. We also studied the components required and how to use them. We consulted websites and watched videos that explained how to use these components, providing us with an overview of the components we would need to play the game. During this week we also filled out the Excel sheet to place orders for our components.

During the next weeks, our focus was dedicated to coding the programs required for various sensors, including the accelerometer, ultrasonic sensor, and shake sensor . We meticulously designed our projet in cardboard and implemented these programs (we attached our programs and a picture of our projet in cardboard in the ...). 


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