Bigger batch manufacturing and ESPHome support

A project log for Esp32-Stick-Cam(Esp32-S3+Active/PassivePoE+Camera)

And upgraded version of the Esp32-Stick with Camera/Ethernet/Poe support based around the Esp32-S3 chip

allexokallexoK 01/13/2024 at 16:320 Comments

Hello everyone, long time no see.

The year 2024 has recently begun and it's time to push the project a little further! I received many positive feedback about the boards and people seem to be satisfied, so I will be making bigger batch in February(100 pcs of PoE-A and PoE-P boards).

One customer pointed out to me that the PSRAM may be unavailable when using the Ethernet, because they share the same pins. In the newer version this bug will be fixed.

I also got the YAML(Thanks to my friend Vít Petrák) for ESPHome, you can check it out here. The YAML demonstrates the Ethernet and Camera usage and can help you to connect the board to Home Assistant.

Stay tuned!