thingSoC Teensy3x

The TSOC_Teensy3x is a thingSoC adapter for the excellent Teensy3.2 board from PJRC.

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The TSOC_Teensy3x allows you to connect thingSoC, Mikrobus, and/or Grove System Modules all at the same time, either standalone, or with any other thingSoC Processor or Radio module. This gives you maximum flexiblity for sensor and actuator selection and reuse.

The TSOC_Teensy3x accepts any thingSoC or Mikrobus module, including a number of different IoT compatible wireless Radio modules, and a variety of input and analog sensors, such as Temperature, Wind, Pressure, Air Quality, and Gases. The TSOC_Teensy3x also accepts a variety of output modules, such as relays for controlling lights, pumps, or motors, as well as stepper motor and other outputs.

TSOC_Teensy3x - Embedded Module :

The TSOC_Teensy3x connects any thingSoC (or Mikrobus) module to the Arduino IDE, including RS-232, RS-485, GSM, GPS, BLTE, motor control, analog sensors, and others.

Demo Video :

Example Applications :

(Shown with the thingSoC I2C Hub/Switch Module and Four Color LCDs attached)

TSOC_Teensy3x_Getting Started.pdf

thingSoC Teensy3x Getting Started Guide

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  • 1 × teensy
  • 1 × thingsoc
  • 1 × grove

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mruby need 410kb ram or 256+256 rom ram.

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