Fabricating, filling, sanding...

A project log for Vintage Adamcraft Model RAF Seaplane Tender

I've been given a 70 year old, part-finished kit model boat and intend to finish it!

robgRobG 11/05/2023 at 20:080 Comments

The new parts have arrived, including prop and prop shaft, rudder, motor, coupling, etc. Had to fabricate a 'p frame' from scratch out of 8mm brass strip. That was fun, but it came out ok - first trial fit of all the bits:

Lots of effort spent on parts no one will ever see!

Since then, lots of filling and sanding to close up numerous gaps between the various panels. Also re-made the back of the seating area so that there's now a hatch for accessing the rudder and its servo. Pics next time.