Rudder control

A project log for Vintage Adamcraft Model RAF Seaplane Tender

I've been given a 70 year old, part-finished kit model boat and intend to finish it!

robgRobG 11/11/2023 at 09:250 Comments

This one took a bit of thinking, and several changes of mind between a) fitting a micro servo right next to the rudder and b) making a mechanical linkage actuated by a rod running forward under the rear deck into the main bay where everything else lives. In the end, it was tight, but the micro servo option worked out fine. I can still remove it if it ever fails or gets wet.

Quite a squeeze, but it's in!

The rudder and prop shaft are now also glued in, and the hull filled and sealed, so we're pretty much ready for painting.

Before that though, I want to hook up the motor and ESC, and see if she floats!