New battery

A project log for Vintage Adamcraft Model RAF Seaplane Tender

I've been given a 70 year old, part-finished kit model boat and intend to finish it!

robgRobG 01/07/2024 at 17:060 Comments

I bought a 3S LiPo, the smallest that was in stock but still plenty big enough at 2200mAh. A quick spin out of water and I can tell already the motor is a LOT faster, so I can't wait to see how fast she is in the water now. First things first: somewhere to stow the battery.

I've also moved the ESC and receiver to the side opposite the battery (also same side as the rudder servo) to try and move the C of G near the centre line, with some success. Only a little ballast required to get everything level.

Update: no ballast required! Finished the re-painting of the battery comparment, put everything together and floated in the bath, and she's pretty much bob-on level.

Time for another trip to the pond...