Project v1 Demo'd on Halloween 2023

A project log for Spooky Halloween Noise Maker

Raspberry Pi running Windows versions of Reaper and Valhalla FX in an 8-track tape storage box for spooky Halloween noise goodness!

c-m-herronC. M. Herron 11/01/2023 at 04:300 Comments

The project was successfully demo'd at my son's Halloween fest.  Over 100 kids stopped by for hot chocolate, candy, a maze of terror, and of course to test out the Hackaday inspired noise maker box.  It was a huge hit.

The referenced project files will be uploaded within the next few days so others can replicate this project.  Be easy on me ... this is my first posted project.  :-)

Here are two videos of the noise making beast outside.  One with the box elements in action and one with the awesome Valhalla plugins doing their thing in the background.  The ambiance they created was very "Halloweeny!".  What a fun project!

I already have ideas on how to make this much better for next year!  Thanks again to Elliot Williams, Kristina Panos, and all the fantastic writers at Hackaday for how they help educate and spread enthusiasm for the DIY culture.