LCD Display Power Circuit

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valentineVALENTINE 11/26/2023 at 19:470 Comments

Project log.

The LCD will not display unless the voltage is around 2.69, let's say 2.70, therefore, we need a high efficiency separate booster for the display to keep it on. As a side benefit, having a regulated booster is really beneficial for the other auxiliary devices that require 3+ volts to operate.

TPS610985 or TPS610981 seem like good candidates.

Therefore, we feed the NRF52 directly with the power thus bypassing the booster, and use the booster only for aux devices. That would improve the efficiency. Note to self, need to add perhaps an extra circuit for the harvester, tbd.

Also, some decent low power level shifters to go with this

NTS0104GU12,115 / C2677363

NLSX4378ABFCT1G / C604195 (0.5uA best choice)

LSF0204DYZPR / C2677496