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A project log for Smartwatch 10 Years Ultra-Long Battery Life

Smartwatch wearable, ultra-long life measured in years, no need to recharge.

valentineVALENTINE 12/01/2023 at 17:470 Comments

Project log.

List of do-to items:

1. 1Ah Battery assembly bookend design complete with cold-solder, and wires.

2. Magnetometer code confirmation / test / POC

3. Accelerometer code confirmation / test / POC

4. Case re-design / re-manufacture

5. Order reed contact switch for R3 assembly

6. Nano-amp-meter test/integration

7. Alarm SW finalize

8. Solar micro-charge/Panasonic rechargeable 2020 combo POC

9. Buzzer/steel case integration/test feasibility (sealed case problem) for alarms.

The way this is going, combined with my free available time, this is targeting January 2024 for the Alpha release. This includes R3 and R5 manufacturing and test and integration.