Added Grafana and CollectD

A project log for Multi Zone Wireless Thermostat

Replace the bimetallic thermostat with a few microcontroller based thermostats to control the combi boiler.

Jose Maria Rodriguez SaezJose Maria Rodriguez Saez 05/09/2017 at 20:040 Comments

I added a couple of very nice things. I no longer depend on Xively to display my data, I will not use it any more I think. Now I can keep all data local and the display looks WAY better.

To do this I got Grafana with Carbon woking in the RPi and a script subscribes to MQTT topics and feeds the Carbon database, this is how it looks:

I added RPi stats just for fun:

Using Grafana you can send alarms via Telegram bot so you can receive them wherever you have it installed, check this out:

Also, I did a small change to have some default values for when the threshold temperatures are not set or stored in the MQTT broker