The beginning of the project

A project log for Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey "stuff"

Basically me and my project group are building some kind of bomb defusing games, with a LITTLE inspiration from Doctor Who

raphalRaphaƫl 11/30/2023 at 11:120 Comments

October 19

It's a group project, with 4 differtents theme : Interractive art/ Escape Game/ Movie Props/ Digital Games. We chose all of them. At first, we think of a suitcase with a bomb inside. Basically, we are inspired by the games Keep Talking And Nobody Explode but in real life and not in VR. However, the secret agent theme that we initially wanted to do was perhaps a little too cliché. So, we first tried to find modules/puzzles to solve and then look for a theme. 

We thought of 9 modules. The first is the famous wire of colors to cut. If you cut the wrong one, the bomb will explose. And how will you know witch wire you have to cut. During the defuse, you will be in pair, the first one who will defuse and the second who will have a document with all the instruction. For instence, for the wire module, if the first wire is red and there are 4 black wire, you have to follow specific instruction. The second module is a joystick, to succeed the module, you must follow a direction sequence in agreement with the code around the joystick. To decrypte the code, as i said, all the solution will be in the document, however, may be not in the way you think. Next we have a Simon, basique. To follow, a word to decrypt. We have also a key and a lock. The following module is quite interesting, it is an LED matrix, the aim of the module is to return a moving point to a fixed point. The moving point can move thanks to the movement of the entire object with a gyroscope. The player will have to discover for himself how to solve the module, no rules will be explained. There are also the timer, with our idea that we did not keep, that we have to push a button every 5 min. To conclude, we have a module bluetooth, but we have no idea of what we can do with this

At the end of the class, we thought about Doctor Who, and a crash of the Tardis on earth, and this will be our final theme.