Distance sensors and Huskylens

A project log for Yozh robot

Small tracked robot, inspired by Pololu Zumo - but with many improvements

alexander-kirillovAlexander Kirillov 11/23/2023 at 21:290 Comments

Next project: use yozh together with a cheap AI camera from DFrobot, Huskylens.

Task: find a "container" placed on the field, read the tag on it (AprilTag), pick it up and deliver to one of locations depending on the tag.

I already had working circuit python library for Huskylens, so I used that.

But there was a number of gotchas: 

Thus, I used mixed strategy: using distance sensors for initial detection and approaching the object; once we are close, use Huskylens to read the tag and do the final course correction before picking it up.

Here is the final result: